26 mins

Edmund secretly signs up for a reading night only to find Levi and Lucy are there too. Levi runs into an ex. Lucy gets nostalgic. Edmund has an existential crisis.

Written by Dylan Murphy & Tom Henry Jones 

Directed by Dylan Murphy

Produced by Michelle Melky & Manou Staedel-Arnould

Starring Tom Henry Jones, James Morris & Ailie Bellofiore


Guest Starring Vateresio Tuikaba, Lindy Yeates, Rose Barnsley, Dougie Baldwin, Zara Sengstock, Liam Flanagan, Zoe Flanagan, Isaac Brodie, Olive Brodie, Angus Brodie

Director of Photography: Jackson Tipping 

1st A.D: Manou Staedel-Arnould

Sound Recordist: Hudson Sowada 

1st A.C: Jesse Lane

2nd A.C: Calum Bellofiore 

Boom Operator: Calistta Hyde

Music by Tram Cops & Gamjee

Readings by Kleoniki Cruse & Samuel Acres

Artwork by Rosina Gannon, Sophia Kons, Loni Jeffs, Chelsea Tuesday