25 mins

Edmund and his sister Lucy see some amateur theatre. Levi goes to work on a new song.

Written by Dylan Murphy & Tom Henry Jones 

Directed by Dylan Murphy

Produced by Michelle Melky & Manou Staedel-Arnould

Starring Tom Henry Jones, James Morris & Ailie Bellofiore


Guest Starring Tamiah Bantum, Molly Daniels, Tiana Hogben, Simon McCulloch, Miles Campisi, Shamita Siva, Eric Mengel, John Pappillon & Suzanne Sandow


Director of Photography: Jackson Tipping 

1st A.D: Manou Staedel-Arnould

Sound Recordist: Hudson Sowada 

1st A.C: Hannah Sinagra

2nd A.D: Sanjiv Gopal

2nd A.C: Calum Bellofiore 

Boom Operators: Damien Mycock, Orson Robertson

Original Music by Sam Harding