"It’s funny, it’s weird, it’s touching, and it’s so, so relevant."

-Verve Zine 

Feedback is about finding new creative ways to doubt yourself. It’s about half-quitting toxic influences, being smug at low budget art events, and writing what you know when you feel like you’re too young to know anything. Feedback is honest, funny and organic to the share-house-converted-warehouse eco-system of Melbourne.


It explores the life of young, struggling creatives through a surreal, modestly magical lens.


Feedback was brought to life through Best Fort Productions and the writing duo of That’s Content.


Our team is old enough to grieve suburban video rental stores but young enough to recognise cutting edge screenwriting and production.


We are committed to originality in perspective, clever engagement with the zeitgeist, and to slinging gags for days. Feedback was made with the support of The Australian Cultural Fund, and the talent of a large community of emerging creatives in Melbourne, Australia.